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How to Calibrate Dell Battery and fix its errors

One of the great advantages of using a laptop is its ability to operate portable. This is accomplished by using a laptop battery as a power source. However, most users take for granted and no group knows that it will eventually fail.

generic Dell Battery manufactured at manufacturing plants that originally produced the same laptop battery for the computer manufacturer, batteries are just a point of origin out by the computer manufacturer. But those Dell batteries may also be made on the premises for which the rules are not as high as those of the main floor and the only way to ensure you have purchased a laptop battery of quality is to check the reputation of the supplier or seller, make sure providing a guarantee liberal and test the battery charge on your computer shortly after receipt.

When you find that your Dell laptop does not have its charge as long as it did before, or when your system s power management software utility indicates that the charge level decreases, you will have to find a replacement for Dell laptop battery to keep your computer operating time. Finding the right laptop battery is usually a matter of looking for a battery that will serve to make your computer and the model number. In addition, the specifications of the battery usually are printed in the magazine. And the indicator light will flash and create a weird Buzzing sound, while the computer connected to the outlet. Furthermore, it seemed as if power was not connected to everyone at some point.

So, please follow the steps below to calibrate the laptop battery and to make sure whether to buy a new one.

First: Charging the battery
Fully charge the battery when the laptop is in use.
To charge the battery:

1. Insert the battery into the laptop.
2. Connect your notebook to external power through an AC adapter. (The battery light comes on)

The laptop battery light turns off when the battery is fully charged.

Discharging the battery

disable hibernation fully discharge the battery to temporarily disable hibernation.
To disable hibernation:

* Select the Power Meter icon in the taskbar, or access to Power Options> Hibernate and uncheck Enable hibernate support check.

Second: The battery discharge
After the battery light turns off, indicating that the battery pack
; is fully charged, start the performance of the laptop battery.

Third: The battery recharge

1. Connect your notebook to external power and keep the laptop connected until the battery is fully charged and the light goes out. You can use the laptop while the battery is charging, but the laptop battery pack charges faster if the PC is off.
2. Select the Power Meter icon in the toolbar or select Start> Control Panel> Performance and Maintenance> Power Options Power Schemes.
3. Rewrite the 3 position which he wrote for the 3 options in the coat, in the column and the 3 options in the column that runs on batteries.
4. Select the OK button.