Warning: virus that may attack laptop battery are wild spread

Well-known Internet-virus software company KASPORSKY Kabajisi recently issued a warning, please, please beware of notebook virus l called Blue Eyes is widely disseminated through the Internet! The virus can attack the laptop battery, notebook battery fire attack will lead to even explode!

It is reported that this “blue eyes” is harmless for the common hardware and software completely , it is disguised as a feedback information packet, by TP / IP network to send interactive mode. Since the packet itself does not have any offensive capabilities, the current firewall and antivirus software can not be filtered or alarm.

But for laptop users, this virus is very dangerous. When the laptop battery is fully charged, it will send a software signal to the transformer, to remind the charging end, into float mode. It is this signal to activate the virus, blue eyes, it will retain this information and issued a “quick charge” signal. Then transformer will accelerate as the laptop battery, just a few minutes will result in laptop battery charge, and thus damage the laptop battery or even explosion. At present in Russia and Europe have been a spate of laptop batteries burning incident, the Dutch bank’s office notebook case of spontaneous combustion in standby, but it is unclear whether because the “blue eyes”, then.

Warning said the current anti-virus software can not resolve by this virus, but a few are given to avoid damage to the concrete measures laptop battery:

1. Do not start a state charge, “blue eyes” virus work in the WINDOWS system environment does not work in DOS or shutdown;

2. The work of the state is best not to use an external power supply, use only the battery, which can persist for some 1-2 hours of laptop models is undoubtedly bad news for users;

3. Any attention to laptop batteries margin shows that the rapid increase in power if found, should immediately unplug the external power supply or off;

4. When they find the keyboard too much heat, you should check the battery remaining capacity in a timely manner.

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